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How can I sell my photos and make some money???

Selling your digital photos for cash eBook

Getting Started in Stock

This is a question we all ask ourselves, having spent hundreds (thousands) of dollars on our hobby! I asked myself that question over 4 years ago, and decided the answer was to sell my images. After a slow start, I have increased my income to a run rate of more than $24,000 a year and I share the steps, the trials and tribulations in the newly revised second edition of my eBook – Getting Started in Stock.  You are facing a simple choice – do you want to learn as you go, following the forums and their inconsistent information from people who may or may not know what they are talking about, or do you want to save hours of frustration and learn it all on one easy to follow guidebook?

Buy this new eBook directly from my site through a simple and secure shopping cart and get immediate access to the information you need to make money from your photographs!

7 comments to How can I sell my photos and make some money???

  • I have this and read the whole book. While geared toward microstock newcomers, I did find a ton of great info inside and a few things I didn’t know and/or had forgotten about. A good read!

  • £12000 per year is not a bad score, I may take a look at your ebook!

  • Compuinfoto

    When i buy and pay this book by paypal, do I get a downloadlink to download the book?

  • Yes, you do – it happens automatically once the paypal payment has been approved.


  • Matt D

    Great article. Just starting out in photography with the cannon eos 1100d. My uncle had some great success with sites like shuttershock and similar sites. Sadly he’s no longer with us, so I’m starting out without his knowledge and experience. Adding this site to one of my favorites to learn from for now.

    Keep up the great work on site.

  • Yann


    Wow, i bought your ebook 2 days ago and so far, so great!

    clear informations, and good data.

    of course, some specs (like always make the metadata) looks not the easypart of stock, but i guess it’s the rules to follow if we want to get money, haha.

    just a quick question (i asked here because i didnt find your contact on the webpage):
    10 years ago, i was photo journalist for movie magasine, in france. i took few famous actor/actress/director (they were posing for me, quickly, after the interview was made. but it was not “paparazzi” style). but there were never “model release” document. my question is: can i sell this pictures anyway? where/which website?

    thank you for your reply!

    and to always share kindly your experience.


  • Hi Yann

    Glad you are enjoying the book – as I try to say many times – it is not easy to do this well and it needs a fair amount of work and effort to get the keywords correct! However, if no-one can ever find your beautiful image, then there is no point in trying to sell it!

    On your model release question – I think the answer is probably no, you can’t sell them. I’m not a lawyer, but if the images were taken in some public place and they just happened to be there, then you could sell them as editorial and both Shutterstock and iStock are OK with that (as are a number of other sites). If the actor is the main focus and they were taken in a studio, then I think the location and the lack of permission to take and sell the images could be an issue. Also, if you were paid to be there and take the images, then the magazine that paid you probably owns the copyright, unless your contract says otherwise. A tricky one!


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