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I have a professional site on Smugmug, which I use to host my best photos at a high resolution, and, although I keyword the images and make them available for search, I had pretty much given up any hope of selling images via the site. I had set the pricing at about 50% more than the cost of the prints, and was extremely pleased to see an order placed this last weekend for $90 worth of prints.  Some were simple 4 x 6 prints of my photo trip to Poland (Photographers guide to Warsaw available here!), but I was glad to see some large sized prints suitable for framing – three 12 x 8 and one 20 x 16. Total profit after the Smugmug fees – $52! In a Pro account, you can set a delay between when the order is placed and when it is printed, and so I was able to do a bit of work on the larger prints to really optimize them for printing, and I replaced the originals so that the resolution and quality was as good as I could get it. I will have to focus on getting some more traffic to the site and see if I can get some new customers!

Here are the images that sold as large prints:

Old colorful houses in Warsaw

Main Square, Warsaw

Syrena statue in Warsaw

Mermaid Statue, Warsaw

HDR image of Warsaw

HDR Photo of Warsaw

Entrance to Warsaw Old Town

Old Town of Warsaw


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Hi, how are you? I believe this is the first time I check your blog and so far so good, looks good just like your work! I am been thinking of Smugmug but have been questioning if it worth because of the price of it and then all the work involved.. How long are you there? The real issue is on the advertising? thanks and have a nice day!

Hi there!

Nice blog and really nice photos! Good job.
I was wondering whether you had more sales since?


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