Dreamstime adds two new license types

I noticed this week that the image submission form on Dreamstime now has two new checkboxes in the “Rights Management” area at the foot of the page. I have recommended not clicking on the “Sell Rights”  checkbox as that requires you to remove all copies of the sold image from every other location – hard to do, and it may lose valuable future revenue. However, the two new options should be checked. These permit the sale of enhanced licenses for Web and Print use and will generate a larger revenue when the buyer chooses those licenses. When I first noticed them, the checkboxes were unchecked by default, but now they appear to be checked. It is worth making sure before you finally click on Submit. The next step you should undertake is to add these license types to all your existing images, as it does not appear to happen without your agreement. Go to the Management Area and select “Manage Licenses.” Then check the “Web Usage” and “Print Usage” boxes and click submit. This sets up this extra pair of options for all your online images.

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