Symbiostock now at 250,000 images

The Symbiostock network has reached a new milestone – 250,000 images now available to license directly from the artist in a simple straightforward process! My own efforts are slowly paying off as well – since I started my own stock photo agency,, I have now sold 12 images for a total of $120. Things appear to be picking up a bit with two full size sales in March for $20 each. This month I’ve sold the following:

Cherry Blossoms and Washington Monument

Cherry Blossoms and Washington Monument

Skyline of New York City

Skyline of New York City

It is probably much too early to forecast this as the tipping point, but I will keep uploading. I’m taking a different approach these days – the relatively scarce shots – the ones in New Zealand for instance – I’m now uploading to Alamy and Corbis and BackyardStockPhotos. The more RF general type shots are going to the microstock agencies. I’ve got enough images on line to try that as an experiment to see if it is better for earnings. More in a couple of months once I see the results.


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Great job with the sales. I’ve been focusing more on Fine Art America and 500px. No sales yet, but I’ve really gotten a lot of new likes and followers on 500px, Instagram, etc. A journey of 1,000 miles begins with a single step.

Hi, what program do you use to upload your photos to so many sites?
Ps: great post, thank you!

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