Another sale on Fine Art America

The previous post about Microstockr Pro reminded me to blog about another sale on Fine Art America. FAA sales don’t come round very often, but it is always interesting to see what sells, and this time it was one of those sunrise shots of the Washington Monument from the Lincoln Memorial:

Recent sale on Fine Art America

This one sold as a rolled print for the buyer to frame and resulted in a $25 profit. Everytime I get a sale at FAA, I think that I should upload more images, but I’m not sure the cost/benefit is worth it to be honest. I’m never very confident that the images I think would make a nice print are the ones that people will buy. If there is a secret to being successful on print on demand sites, I haven’t yet discovered it!


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Congratulations! It’s fantastic to sell photographs as prints, the earnings seem to be much more fair on Fine Art America than on microstock websites.
May I ask you – do you upload the same images to both microstock and FAA? I am not sure if I should have a different portfolio there or it’s ok to post landscapes and my travel photos both on microstock and FAA. I am only starting..
Thank you in advance for any advice you can give on this.

Kind regards,

Hi Anna
There is nothing wrong with the same image being on FAA and the various stock sites, but I don’t put the same images there. Sometimes I put images on FAA that I have worked on more artistically – I did a number of painting type images that are only on FAA. But if I have a nice travel shot I will upload it to both. I’ve struggled with understanding what sells though – if you look at the recent sales on FAA, they are of all sorts of things and it makes you wonder who is buying some of them!

Thank you for your response Steve! I would love to have a look at your portfolio on FAA, how can I find it?
Have loaded a few photos yesterday, it is interesting to see how images can become duvet or pillows (not all of mine are suitable for becoming a pillow, that’s for sure).

Kind regards,

Found your shop there searching by your name. Beautiful photos, will follow you there 🙂

May be I need to correct my prices, looks too low comparing with similar photos…

Kind regards,

I did blog about the pricing on Fine Art America in this post:

Thanks for your kind comments!


People at the FAA forums claim that one needs to market his/her own product to have consistent sales, that sales based on key word searches are few and far in-between. I have also noticed that their search engine is not as smart as stock site’s and it is very difficult to find my own images there. I have a small port of 25 images and I am considering whether or not I have time to upload more if I purchase the membership. I surely don’t have time to market myself, I have a full time job that actually pays a good wage for the hours worked 😉

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