New License from Image Brief

One of my successful uploads to Image Brief was this one:

It was awarded in 2014 and used in an advert

by Splunk:

At the time, I got $1050 for the licensing. The ImageBrief people contacted me recently to say the client wanted to extend the licensing and their budget was $400 of which I would get $200. Leaving aside the big question as to what those incremental rights are and whether $400 is sufficient (regardless of their “budget”), it is a nice incremental bit of income for me and I did accept. Just thinking about it though, it does show what faith we have to put into the agencies we support to “do the right thing” in terms of negotiating new license agreements. Not sure what we can do about it – it is just a fact of life in our digital gig economy!

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NICE! Though if any license depends on how my hair looks I’m toast! Congratulations!

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