Happy Christmas to all stock photographers!

Even on Christmas Eve a stock photographer needs to be thinking of saleable images!

Ornate Christmas Tree in corner of modern home

So here is a shot of my living room decorated ready for a family meal tomorrow on Christmas Day. Also available on Shutterstock, istock……!

I also finally joined Instagram (catching up with social media) and so if you are there, please check out my new images. My user name is Steve.Heap. I’ve only added a few Christmassy images today but will add more as time goes on. I’ve spent most of this month doing shots indoors and I’ll post some of those in the next few days.

I hope you all have an enjoyable Holiday and a profitable (and enjoyable) New Year



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Merry Christmas Steve … I hope Santa was good to you!
Welcome to Instagram, we saw you there and are now followers. Looking forward to your indoor posts HO-Ho-HO!

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