Happy New Year

For some reason, I’ve had some high value sales on Shutterstock this month, but that is a story for next week…

In the meantime, here is one of the sort of studio shots I’ve been working on this month. I think I made up the words (at least I was thinking of them before I went to sleep one night), but this sort of image is easy to make and sells from time to time. The basic background was a slate cheese board that I bought at the local supermarket. I then used a Chalk font for this particular shot, but for others I used a chalk brush and “stroked” the path of an existing font. You can change the size of the brush to suit different styles.

New Years resolution concept using chalk on slate blackboard

Some of the others that are proving popular are

a series I did on Obamacare:

Obamacare concept using chalk on slate blackboard

I struggled with Shutterstock with these – they kept rejecting them, suggesting they should be editorial, but then they were rejected there because they are obviously manipulated. I emailed the support team and they eventually said it was a technical error and gave me a case number to use in a resubmission. All the variations were then accepted.

Incidentally, I have started my Instagram career with a project to show (and take some new images) in a series called #WorldSpiral that radiates out in increments from the Washington Monument.

Tax Day concept using chalk on slate blackboard

The trouble I am having is that I have a lot of good DC images and it is hard to get away from the center of the city, but I will do that in coming days! I found a nice website that lets you draw a circle at a certain radius from a point on a map and I am using that to see where my images fit in terms of distance from DC. One day (perhaps in 2018) I will get to New Zealand!

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