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I haven’t uploading anything new to Fine Art America recently, but I do get sales from time to time. The latest one this week was for a 24 x 24 inch metal print of some seeds from the Swamp Milkweed plant:

Macro photo of swamp milkweed seed pod

They obviously cropped it a bit to get a square format, but I have always liked this series of images – in fact I have two different versions on the wall of my bathroom! This one sold to make a profit

of $74, which is nice! The official sale announcement page on FineArtAmerica is here.  I also noticed a big sale on Alamy – I’m going to start uploading to Alamy again now that they have changed their upload process (not sure it is simpler, but I will see!). The image was licensed as RF for $175, which means I get $87.50:

Mission La Purisima in California

Not one of my most artistic shots, but it obviously met a buyer’s needs. It just goes to show that you don’t need a bright day to take an image that sells!



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Congratulations! My last sale on Alamy was a terminate mound on the side of the road leading to my parents home in Brazil. Not my best since I was struggling with bad light and humidity condensing on my lens, so bad that I thought I was going to lose my lens and camera. If the buyer was happy, so am I!

Yes, it is often difficult to foresee what is going to sell, especially on sites like Alamy.

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