Trying to get some traction on Bored Panda

I don’t know how many of you have seen photography articles on Bored Panda? It often has some pretty interesting pieces and I wrote a short article tonight on stock photography.

This is my first attempt, but if you can spare the time, please have a look and comment or upvote the piece! Thanks!



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Cool! I am actually a fan of bored panda!

Funny that I thought I had a good cat picture

Neversold on SS.

Bu the way, what is a number of downloads in a year for a photo that indicates it is a good seller? I think my top performer on SS had about 40 downloads in a year. Is this good or an indication that I need to change something?

Cheers and congratulations on your article!

    That’s a cute picture! I think the main difference with mine is that it can meet a whole lot of product needs – it is isolated so they can cut it out and stick on a bag of food. It can also be put alongside other animals in the cover image for a vet’s office, say. In fact, I see it all over the place on website and various cat products because it can so easily be used on them. I think there was a great deal of luck in getting seen on SS when it was uploaded – it has sold 2400 times on SS and 7 times on Fotolia! 4 times on Dreamstime! So it just goes to show that the best picture only makes money if it actually catches on among all the other images on the site.
    In terms of downloads for a best seller. My cat downloaded (all sites that I track on Microstockr Pro) 400 times in 2016. A picture of my old house 900, the bag of ice 240 times. Many of these will be SS, but not all, but any means. So when you get on the front page of a popular search term, the sales can really go up. Unfortunately, I’ve no way that I know to get on the front page!

Oh I see that I am still to have a good seller! I have a friend and ss contributor who has a few hundred images of cats. I won’t attempt one at this juncture!

I have several images on the front page of ss. Hard o believe but they are not best sellers and virtually don’t sell, I guess because they are on subjects that are not so popular. Like this LOL first on “horse pissing” keywords!

Mmmhhh. Not likely to have very many use cases!

This one in particular has sold a few times on DT. I wonder what they did with it!

No sign of it in use via Google Image search, so who knows!

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