Microstockr Pro now handles Alamy sales

One of the issues with Alamy is that while you can look at a page of sales with small thumbnails, it is hard to understand how much you actually earned as it shows the gross sales price. I’ve become a keen user of Microstockr Pro over the past 6 months – to be honest, I didn’t think I would as I’ve never been one to pore over the sales, but I actually have found it pretty instructive to see when new images have sold, and to use the “best seller” page which combines sales of an image across all sites to let me understand what my best selling images actually are. Now the developers of the App have gone one step better by including Alamy sales into their application:

Alamy Sales now in Microstockr Pro

This is the first time that I have been able to see at a glance what has sold on Alamy, and to see the actual net income from the sale. What was immediately interesting was that a simple and boring picture of a watch has sold so often. That gives me some ideas for other shots that might sell OK on Alamy! It also shows what a mix of images has actually sold on Alamy as well. I’m not sure I can detect much of a trend, but it will be interesting to watch this (slowly) grow as new sales come along.

Microstockr Pro is free for the PC version while it is in Beta. Try it out!



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Do you have a review or break down of Alamy? I don’t believe it was mentioned in your ebook.

I did have a chapter in my book about alamy, but have written quite a few blog posts as well, recently. Was there something specific you wanted to know?

Look at that, there it is. I do have a few questions.
Have they improved their key wording system yet and they seem to have an editorial aspect, how does that work?

Yes, and yes. I’ve written a bit about it in an article about stock submitter. I perhaps will write something more although not for a few weeks. It is quite explanatory on the site.

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