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Don’t forget to enjoy your photography

With the constant pressure to create more saleable stock images, it is easy to forget that we also do this because we enjoy photography! I talked about some great images I managed to capture on my final evening in Kauai, and I kept thinking about how best to show what I think is going to be one of my favorites. The answer, of course, is to print it! We get so used to looking at things on the screen, but to some extent they are here now but gone as soon as you click on the next image. I saw an offer of 20% off all prints at Mpix and a 20 x 30 inch metal print turned out to be $130 or so. I uploaded a sharpened version of the image, chose the “do not color correct” option on the website, and within about 4 days I had a really well packed metal print waiting for hanging. Here is the proud father and his child…

The interesting thing is that both my wife and I keep looking at it and admiring it as we walk past – hard to do when you need to find it on your hard drive. So don’t forget to use your images for your own enjoyment as well as being a way to make some extra money!

How to find the best photo locations on a vacation

I’m still processing images from my recent trip to Maui and Kauai, but as I was going through them I thought about how I find out where to go for the best photo opportunities when you go to a new place. How did I know where to find this lcoation for sunset?


Sunset near Princeville, Kauai

I start, before I go, with a guidebook – I know that is old fashioned when you have Google at your fingerprints, but at least I get the Kindle version so I am not as luddite as you might think. (Reach for Google for that word…). The best one I have found for Maui is Maui Revealed by Andrew Doughty. Continue Reading

Sunset Cruise with Na Pali Coast Hanalei Tours

For something different, I thought I would post a review of a sunset cruise I recently took in Kauai with Na Pali Coast Hanalei Tours and illustrate it with some of the images that will be finding their way onto stock agency sites in the near future! I’ve been to Kauai quite a few times but always in the winter and then the boats along the Na Pali coast leave from Port Allen in the south of the island and don’t get very far down the coast before they turn back. And, of course, the sea is pretty rough off that coast in the depths of winter! This time we were lucky to go in May and so boats leave from Hanalei on the north, and are able to spend much more time along the interesting bits of the coast. The seas, at least when we were there, were still pretty rough!

Leaving from Hanalei Bay

The first day we arrived was a gorgeous day and the forecast for the evening was similar and so we searched around for a tour company that had space for two that evening. Na Pali Coast Hanalei Tours fitted the bill and they were very friendly on the phone as I booked. They have a relatively small Continue Reading

My Experience with Adobe Stock

I was reading a discussion about the Adobe Stock Contributor Portal and a few people were complaining about how their sales had fallen since Adobe took over Fotolia. I was under the impression that my sales had gone very strongly in the opposite direction and so I decided to look at my stats and see what my experience was. As I suspected, the results have been very positive:


Adobe announced the purchase in December 2014 but not very much happened, as you would expect in the next 6 months or so. I had always had issues with Fotolia Continue Reading

Finding the best photography locations on vacation

I’m lucky to be just back from a 10 day vacation in California, starting in San Francisco, a stop in the Napa Valley then on to Sacramento and Lake Tahoe. Tons of snow about still, which makes for attractive mountain shots and I’m now happily processing my “holiday snaps!”

Eagle Falls above Emerald Bay on Lake Tahoe

Eagle Falls above Emerald Bay on Lake Tahoe

I always do my research before I go, searching for best photography locations and I started using an iPad app called Pocket that allows you to keep a download of a web page on your iPad so you can check out the directions even if there is no WiFi signal nearby. One of those for Lake Tahoe was called Scott Shots – Great Places to Photograph Lake Tahoe and so on an evening scouting trip for sunset shots I went to Emerald Bay and started chatting to a fellow photographer standing and hoping the clouds would break to give us a decent sunset. It turned out that Continue Reading

Another Fine Art Sale – Washington DC

I’ve been on Fine Art America for a few years now, but it does seem that sales are coming a bit faster in recent months. I’ve not been uploading images very often (I keep telling myself to upload more!), but I get interesting and profitable sales almost every month. So far this year, I have had one sale in February, two in March and now a new one for April! This time it was a large framed print of the cherry blossoms at the tidal basin in Washington DC, with the monument reflected nicely in the calm waters around dawn.

40 x 33 inch print in 48 x 41 frame and mat

This is a particularly large print – 40 inches across, but the resolution should be fine for that size of image. Total profit on this sale – $108 using my pricing for FineArtAmerica described last year.

This time I really will start to upload some new images!!

New sale on Fine Art America

These don’t happen very often, but it is always nice to see a sale, especially of a large print, on Fine Art America. Yesterday it was a 36 inch x 21 inch glossy canvas of my images of the Canadian Falls at Niagara. I was walking on the Canadian side of the waterfall, and there is almost always a rainbow there and I waited until the tourist boat was just at the end of the rainbow. It was a single shot, but the high pixel count of the Sony makes it easy to make a large more panoramic shape out of the image. I did all the processing in Lightroom – no photoshop on this one, and tried to increase the focus on the boat by lightening and sharpening this area.

Canadian or Horseshoe Falls at Niagara

Continue Reading

Sale on Fine Art America

I haven’t uploading anything new to Fine Art America recently, but I do get sales from time to time. The latest one this week was for a 24 x 24 inch metal print of some seeds from the Swamp Milkweed plant:

Macro photo of swamp milkweed seed pod

They obviously cropped it a bit to get a square format, but I have always liked this series of images – in fact I have two different versions on the wall of my bathroom! This one sold to make a profit Continue Reading

Microstock Photo sales and revenue in January 2017

I wish I was feeling better about this business – but January was another disappointing month for me. Perhaps I need to reset my expectations and be happy with getting a regular stream of income – which is considerable, I understand, but the effort of putting new images online and not see any benefit is a bit disheartening. It is a bit hard to see what iStock earnings are going to be as they have delayed the reporting of the partner program results for December (which I use to estimate January) until some time later in February (if that makes sense…), but with a lowish estimate of what that is going to be, I ended the month with $2162. Jan2017Earnings

Continue Reading

Happy New Year

For some reason, I’ve had some high value sales on Shutterstock this month, but that is a story for next week…

In the meantime, here is one of the sort of studio shots I’ve been working on this month. I think I made up the words (at least I was thinking of them before I went to sleep one night), but this sort of image is easy to make and sells from time to time. The basic background was a slate cheese board that I bought at the local supermarket. I then used a Chalk font for this particular shot, but for others I used a chalk brush and “stroked” the path of an existing font. You can change the size of the brush to suit different styles.

New Years resolution concept using chalk on slate blackboard

Some of the others that are proving popular are Continue Reading

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