Making money from writing “how to” articles

This is a surprisingly simple one. Sign up at, and you can start to write short easy “how-to” articles. if you think about it, there are many topics you can write about – there are many things you probably take for granted, that you could explain to others. Depending on how many people log onto your articles, you will gain earnings, and the more articles you have written, the more you will earn. There is a list of articles that they are looking for on the site as well.

So far, I have written the following:

How to make money from stock photography
How to log onto a remote computer
How to copy an image on the screen
How to protect your computer from viruses
How to make money from home
How to make a lightbox for photos
How to figure gas mileage
How to construct a pergola
How to take good photos of your pets

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