Update on my on-line Photography site

A couple of weeks ago,  I started work on displaying and offering my best photographs for sale using a web site created using a Smugmug Pro Account. That site, www.BackyardImage.com, is now 90% complete and I must admit that configuring the site does allow a lot of flexibility – certainly much more flexible that I was able to do with my own web site designs. I have the menu structure in place, have the basic design of each gallery straight, and have sorted out the pricing structure. Although the site is reasonably easy to use, each step did take a bit of research to get the right look for the website. I have tried both the available printers from SmugMug, and got good results from both. The site allows you to intercept a print order and create a properly sharpened and finished photograph to send to the printer, which is a great time saver – you can create images that look good on the web site and only work on those that actually sell to create a final, ready to print, image.

I want to do more on the site, but for now, it is public and available. All I now need to solve is how to get people to find it and buy some prints!

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  1. Shawn Wood says:

    Thank you for sharing~!
    I’m a commercial shooter. However, I do want to start selling my fine art prints on line.
    I just started with Smugmug like last week.
    I am exploring 🙂 on the best ways to use this tool.


    Shawn Wood

  2. admin says:

    Shawn – I have had my site on Smugmug for about 14 months or so, and it does work well. The site is flexible (some people can make their Smugmug sites look very professional and have great landing pages), and the shopping cart works well. I have my prints on delay so I can upload a larger file size if anyone wants to purchase, and I have used it myself for large prints.
    The big issue is getting anyone to buy – I have had no sales at all in the 14 months, although I have not made many efforts to market my site. I am not sure how successful on-line art galleries are – that would be an interesting project to investigate!

    I had a look at your site – is this the Smugmug version, or one that you already have. Very nice B&W images (although I found the landing page a bit complex and wasn’t too sure where to go…)

    Good luck


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