Christmas Sales on Zazzle – Kauai Calendar

I was really pleased to get a Best New Product Award for my 2011 calendar of Kauai in the Hawaiian Islands back in February. What is even better is that the Christmas gift season is now upon us, and the calendars are flying off the shelves – well, I guess 2 sales almost counts as roaring sales! Still, it is better than nothing, and if you are looking for a gorgeous calendar to send to your friends for 2011, then check out this link for the best reviewed Kauai Calendar of 2011.  *** Update on 24 December – the calendars turned into a great success – 8 sold during December to net a total of $18.95. If only I could improve my advertising skills! ***

Kauai Calendar 2011 featuring gorgeous photos from the Garden Isle in Hawaii

Kauai Calendar 2011

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