Stock Photography Earnings – December 2010

The results are in for December – and not too good. Overall earnings were only $438 for the month and that included the sale of two stock video clips from Pond5 at $25 each. Without those, it would have been a pretty thin month. On the bright side, December is not a good month because the last two weeks are very slow in the industry as people take well deserved breaks from work, and so lets hope that January proves to be better. The microstock business has its ups and downs and I plan to keep uploading images as we go through the year. At the end of 2010, I have 1300 images on Shutterstock, almost 1600 on Yaymicro (with much lower acceptance standards) and 660 on iStockPhoto. This last site has pretty severe standards, and also restricts uploads to 20 in any 7 day period and so it is pretty difficult to build up the portfolio as quickly as the other sites.

Earnings from stock photos through December 2010

Earnings from Stock 2010

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