Update on Stock Photography Earnings – January 2011

After a pretty disappointing December, my faith in Stock Photography has been reignited by roaring January Sales! Helped by some large value sales on Alamy, Veer and CanStockPhoto, I managed to break the $600 barrier for the first time ever. I’ll post some of the larger sales shortly, but for now, here is the graph of sales against each of the stock photography sites. As ever, if you choose to have a go at Stock Photography, don’t hesitate to ask me any questions, and please use the links on the left (or the Stock icons on the right) when you register with the sites!

Graph of sales by stock photo sites

Sales by Stock Photo site in Jan 2011

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  1. Frank Haylett says:

    Hi Steve
    Jacqui said I should look at your website in her Christmas letter. I’m glad I took her up on it – some great pictures.
    Hope all goes well in Virginia.

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