Stock Photography Earnings in February 2011

February has come and gone, and the results are in… Unfortunately, this is a short month, and the results show that (and then some!). Total earnings were just $500, down 20% on January, but there were no real winners outside the main stock sites. Shutterstock and iStock were around the same level as January, Fotolia achieved its best month ever, but the rest of the sites were just steady and boring – no large image sales, and some sites with no sales at all. I uploaded more images in February following a working vacation in St Thomas and St John but these were available too late in the month to make any difference. To help you scale your results against mine, I have started to maintain a summary of the number of images I have on-line in each site at the end of the month. I can’t go back and recreate history on this, but over time I will plot some graphs showing how revenue and files are linked. On to the next month!

Summary of stock photos on line

Images online in each site - Feb 2011


Stock Earnings in February 2011

Stock Photo earnings in February

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