What sells on Fine Art America?

I currently have 620 images on Fine Art America, although I would be the first to admit that some of the early images I uploaded were probably not very suitable for display purposes. It is too easy to think of what might sell for stock, and just upload that, but in reality, people are looking for something to put on their walls and so you really need to think about what you yourself would be willing to print and frame. Of course, everyone’s view of art is different, but a combination of your view plus any social media input you might have (how many likes when you posted it on Instagram, say) is probably the best you can do. I’ve started to add more images recently and to help me decide what works, I wanted to see which images had sold in the past. As a result, this post has become – what has sold on FineArtAmerica? I updated my list of sales with a more recent post in December 2018 which you can see here.

April 2017 – $108 profit

I’ll work backwards from today so that you can see if there are any trends. I did actually surprise myself with this exercise. I had no idea I had sold so many images of Washington DC. I guess the reason for that might be that many people go as tourists and want something to remember their visit (or maybe the members of congress want to have a picture on their walls?).  It makes me think I must go through my library and look for other Washington DC shots that might make the grade as wall art. Perhaps some digital painting or black and white treatment might make sense as well.

March 2017 – $85 profit


March 2017 – Gift card with $1.30 profit!


February 2017 – $74 profit


November 2016 – $25 profit

August 2016 – Shower curtain – $5 profit


July 2016 – Profit $74


May 2016 – Profit $27


March 2016 – $77 profit


February 2016 – Profit $62


October 2015 – Profit $32


October 2014 – $196 profit


September 2014 – $51 profit


August 2014 – $36 profit


June 2014 – $32 profit


January 2014 – $121 profit


December 2013 – $47 profit


December 2013 – $93 profit


December 2013 – $32 profit


November 2013 – $35 profit


October 2013 – $17 profit


September 2013 – $98 profit


September 2013 – $95 profit


July 2012 – $25 profit



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6 Responses

  1. Great shots, looks like D.C is popular! I’m still patiently waiting for my first sale.

  2. AlessandraRC says:

    These are beautiful. I’ve only sold, so far, a picture of a local water tower and the photo of an antique car.

  3. Don’t be afraid to bump up the profit margins on products. I regularly sell cards at a $4 PM and shower curtains at a $25 PM.

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