Dreamstime has a blog competition – you can help me!

Dreamstime has announced a competition for “best blog” post on their site and so I have had a go at my first blog on the Dreamstime site.

**Update** – it doesn’t appear to be visible on the site yet. Perhaps in moderation? ***

I decided to write about a tricky subject – how to come up with ideas (and images) to illustrate things in the news. If you have an account at Dreamstime, would you mind having a look at my blog post and, if you find it useful, click on the green “Useful” button at the top of the left column (at least it is there on a webpage view of their blog!)




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Steve, for some reason your link doesn’t lead to your blog article, it only goes to a general DT blog page. Also I couldn’t find you blog when I searched for it. Please fix this, so we could help you win this competition. This is the first time I’m writting here, thank you for all the useful tips, you really motivated me not to give up on stock photography.

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