A nice surprise

I received an email via Fine Art America this morning saying:

I am a small time book artist based in Mumbai, India. I want to use your Milkweed seeds image in my upcoming website as I have a set of artists’ books made like Milkweed seeds. I request your permission.

The image in question is this:

I didn’t know which particular image it was at the time, and so, without much thought I replied with a link to my personal stock agency at BackyardStockPhotos. I was very surprised to see an order about 30 minutes later for a medium JPEG for $1.99. I guess I am feeling a bit guilty about charging someone who might be struggling to get by, but equally it is a very nice sign when people are willing to search for the owner of an image they want to use and are willing to pay for its use, rather than just take a copy from somewhere on the internet and just use it. When his website is complete, I’ll link to it so we can see his work!


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Very nice. Dreamstime just notified me yesterday that a potential buyer wanted to purchase one of my files with web extended license (W-EL). Thanks for all of your posts about stock photography, as they are what motivated me to take the plunge.

I’m always pleased when people ask to use my photos, rather than stealing them. I’m much more likely to grant permission or charge a minimal fee when I’m asked first.

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