All work and no play…

Did I really need to buy a new camera? Obviously no – the businessman inside me said firmly that the Sony A7r ii that I have (with 15000 shutter activations) is more than adequate for stock photography and the new model (the mark 3) has only a few enhancements. But the inner child knew that a new camera body was just what I needed and that I would be able to take higher speed videos and slow them down (only in HD unfortunately) and transfer my files in my studio to the computer using WiFi (true) and register the locations of my travel images using GPS from my camera (true, although with a struggle!). And so the inner child won out!

A new Sony A7riii was soon on its way to me – and the old one (in very good condition) is now for sale on Amazon.

One thing that I learned along the way (the businessman, that is), is that all sites sell this body at the same price as Sony demands. But I found that a well established store in the US that I met while organizing Nature Visions in Northern Virginia – Hunts Photo and Video – had the camera in stock, would send it with 2 day delivery and were willing to negotiate over free things to include in the deal. So if you need a second battery, a ultra high speed memory card, camera strap etc., they are willing to do a deal. So if you are in the market for a new camera in the US, please give Brian Maryansky a call and mention Backyard Silver. You can also email him at There is no pressure like there used to be in the old days of camera sales – just a discussion on what would make the deal work and the camera and accessories came as promised. Brian can be reached on 781 662 8822.

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  1. Well Mr. Steve I agree … at some point along the way when the inner child wins, the man wins … methinks πŸ™‚

  2. AlessandraRC says:

    I let my inner child buy a good tripod in the beginning of this year, TQC-14 from RRS. I love hiking and backpacking and weight is an issue for me, I’m a small. I felt bad spending so much money on it but looking back was money well spent. I feel so much better when I like, the camera does not fall from tripod anymore, I don’t spend so much time tightening things up. Those who never had a good tripod, give it a try, life is short for crapy tripods.

    Congratulations Steve on your new camera!

    • admin says:

      A good tripod is an excellent investment – I have the Gitzo carbon fiber one and it is very easy to use, solid but light. And they last forever – unlike camera bodies! So I think you made an excellent decision!

  3. At this moment, ratio is still winning, but I know that the inner child will beat it pretty soon πŸ™‚ Most probably somewhere in spring, or early summer πŸ™‚
    Anyway, enjoy your new camera! Hope to see some of the first pictures of it soon!

  4. Ket says:

    Your inner child not got tempted by the 24-105 f4? I remember you weren’t happy with the 24-70 f4

    • admin says:

      I have looked at it from time to time, but since I bought that 55mm F1.8 lens, I find I can cover the focal range reasonably well. I tend to have my 16-35mm lens on most of the time I am wandering about as you can always crop in with such a large sensor. So I’m not immediately planning anything!

  5. Ramana S says:

    Hi Steve,

    what made you pick the A7R3 over the A73? was it the resolution?

    • admin says:

      I don’t think the A73 was around when I upgraded to the A7R3, but even if it was, the resolution would have been a deciding factor. It is always nice being able to crop into an image if you don’t have the right lens with you (or can’t be bothered to change the lens!)


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