Video of my presentation on Stock Photography

Earlier this week, I gave a talk to the Winchester Photographic Society on Stock Photography. Originally planned for 40 minutes, the depth of interest as shown by the questions asked throughout the session made it overrun to almost 60 minutes! Through the course of 70 slides, I explain what stock photography is all about, what the legal issues are, in particular with regard to releases and the appropriate marking of images as commercial or editorial, what you can earn, what you need to do to be successful and I illustrate it throughout with my better selling images together with details of how much many of them have earned. Rather than simply videoing the presentation (which would have made the slides difficult to read), I decided instead to make an audio recording and then create an HD video of the slides with the audio narration. Far better to see the details rather than my face!

Running for just short of one hour, the presentation will be of interest to beginners as well as more experienced stock photographers looking for inspiration. If you learn more by watching and listening rather than reading, this could be perfect to get you started in this fascinating industry.

Click to get full details of how to view the video about this Master Class.

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  1. marcin jucha says:

    You should focus on earning money from footage trough stock agencies, not from your subscribers. There is so much videos and blogs /articles around for free in the same topic, that in my opinion you should reward your readers from time to time with some video like this. Of course $9 its cheaper than gas especially that I live in Poland. Anyway, time to move to another blog.

    • admin says:

      Sorry to hear that. I think I will change it to “Pay what you want…”. I could argue that if I was simply focusing on getting money from my stock work, why do I even bother with the blog?

  2. Marcin,

    I hope that you can appreciate that Steve has taken both the time and effort to “reward” readers with his knowledge for FREE for many years, including monthly earnings reports.

    Yes, there’s a lot of free stuff out there on the same topic, but how much of it is up-to-date and useful? Steve’s earnings are evidence in themselves of his expertise.

    Now, you get upset that he’s offered the lengthy and detailed course (which I highly recommend as I’ve just finished watching) for a measly $9, which is a bargain imo. Even if you pick up one small tip I’m sure it will be worth many more times than the $9 investment PLUS you’ll be helping out someone who’s putting their heart and soul into this business.

    Tell you what, if you don’t like the course I’ll refund you the $9 via PayPal.


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