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If you are anything like me (and I hope I don’t mean old…) there are three sorts of website that I hate – those that take you to an interesting article but it turns out to be a video (I don’t have time to watch a video just to see if there is something interesting in it), those that are just lists of stupid tips that are simply there to get you to click one of their ads, and those that have endless flashing ads and videos and pop-ups. OK, put the old grump back in his box! What I do like is a clean site that has well thought out articles written by someone that knows what they are talking about. You might be interested in a site that Chris Putman has put together called Photo Basecamp.Photo Basecamp is new website with reviews and location descriptions

Their main focus is two fold – honest equipment reviews of kit they have bought and used, and then an increasing series of location specific articles about how to get the best from a visit to a specific location. Of course, they will add more of those in the future, but there are already some interesting places described. Perhaps they could open that up to guest articles in the same style – that could add new locations more quickly perhaps? They have also added new sections on photo and processing tips that sound interesting. Finally, Chris has written about his experiences in stock photography, with a nice call-out to my book, but even without that, the site is worth following!

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