BackyardSilver now with a new hosting company

After several successful years being hosting my the Symbiostock team alongside, I’ve moved my sites to a new hosting account with InMotion. We tried BlueHost but had endless issues trying to transfer the sites, so I cancelled that and chose InMotion. So far, so good. However you may have noticed that my last 2 posts about the special offer on StockSubmitter and the Black Friday deal on JixiPix painting programs (and the comments) have vanished. That is because they were added after we took a backup. Everything should be fine from now.

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  1. So, no change required of us readers, correct?

  2. Elijah Lovkoff says:

    I tried million times to explain to prospective customers the importance of good hosting. For some reason nobody wants to listen 🙂 I ended up instead creating a ‘never-go-there’ list and tell them “you are free to choose your own, just never go with those companies”.
    BlueHost and Godaddy lead the pack – those are the worst. Good luck with InMotion.

  3. traingeek says:

    I hope you’re more satisfied with InMotion!

    • admin says:

      I was very happy with the Symbiostock guys – that was more of a dedicated hosting server, but they are not going to be providing that service next year. I had a few ups and downs with Inmotion at the start, but they fixed the issues!

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