New Sales on Fine Art America

I always like to see sales on the Print on Demand sites as it gives me a nice warm feeling that my “art” is appreciated! The money helps as well! So the past couple of weeks have been excellent in terms of new sales on Fine Art America – perhaps the biggest of the sites. The first sale was in late October and was for a 14 x 11 inch print of Cheat Lake in the fall in Morgantown:Print of Cheat Lake in Morgantown sold on Fine art america

As a print only sale, the profit was relatively small at $35, but it is nice to see it sell. I wish I knew if it was from some posting on social media that I have made about the image. I did post it to a Facebook group for people who were brought up in this area, so it is possible that the sale came from that.

The second sale came just 5 days later in early November and was for a beautiful sunset over the harbor in Ventura California. I went to the area specifically to take stock photos – I guess I should work out one day if it was worth the cost of the flight and rental car – but for now I’ll just be content with the sale. Acrylic print of Ventura California sold on Fine Art America

This one sold as a 36 x 24 inch acrylic print and the profit was $87. There was a comment on a previous blog post about FAA saying that my prices were too low and that once people had decided on the image they liked, price was not really a factor in their decision to go ahead with it. Perhaps he is right – although they may choose a smaller version if it appears the price is too high for them to swallow. For now, I’ll stick with my pricing I think, in the absence of any other information.

I also sold one print in October (which I forgot to add into my earnings report) on Photo4Me in the UK. They pay a standard $20 or so for each sale, and I’m not sure I get to see exactly what was bought, but this is the image – it has probably sold 4 or 5 times on that site which I guess shows that once something sells, it becomes more popular.

Sale on Photo4Me in the UK of a print of Formby beach

I hope this is the start of a Christmas surge in print orders!

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