Quick Tip for Stock Submitter users

I wrote a long post about how I manage RF, RM and editorial images in response to a question from a reader. I admitted that I wasn’t great at that, but that I could see in the Stock Submitter interface which images were editorial and which were commercial. However, I thought this was just a visual thing – the editorial ones had a block of “Orange” which indicated that they could not be uploaded to Adobe, Canstock etc. So if I wanted to just upload my commercial images to an new agency with FTP, I could select the ones without an orange bar. Not a great approach.

However, in chatting with the developer, he mentioned that if you press Ctrl-F for “Find”, one of the options is to show commercial images, or editorial image, or both. Simply unchecking the editorial box will display the commercial shots and I can select those and upload them to my new agency. Simple!

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  1. Trong Nguyen says:

    Would you mind to check with this Stock Submitter Team to see if they have promotion for upcoming new year? Your other post is closed for comment so I place it here.

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