How to get great Fireworks photos

I wrote an article last summer about my experience taking fireworks photos in Pittsburgh on Independence Day, and when I saw the latest Dreamstime Blog contest was about photographing events, I thought I would create a more specific “how to plan, take and post process great fireworks photos” article.

Fireworks for Independence Day over Pittsburgh
PITTSBURGH, PA – JULY 4, 2018: Fireworks from the river in front of downtown Pittsburgh on Independence Day.

The article is now online over at the Dreamstime Blog, so if you are interested in my latest thoughts on this, please check it out! One thought for this audience though – although I have written specifically about creating great images over a city or similar landmark, I realized that great fireworks images on their own have a greater market potential than ones that are specific to a city – especially a smaller one. My Pittsburgh images might make great wall prints, or perhaps be in a calendar about that city, but they have a smaller potential audience than fireworks that are generic and can be used to illustrate any sort of article about festivals or national events. Just a thought!

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