New print sale on Fine Art America

I always like to see my images chosen to decorate someone’s wall and so I put what I think are my best artistic shots on Fine Art America and Photo4Me (for UK images mainly). This past month gave me just one sale of an image that has proved to be very popular:

Latest sale on Fine Art America - the moon rising over the three monuments on the Mall in Washington DC
The moon rising over Washington DC

If you recall, I increased my pricing on FineArtAmerica a month or two back and this is the first sale under the new pricing scheme. Still too early to tell if this pricing will make a difference to the volume of sales. It seems to have boosted my margin on the sale though. This was a 24 x 20 inch print, matted and framed, and my profit on the sale was $96.98.

I’m having to make some big adjustments to my spreadsheets calculating January earnings to add a new year, but I will report on those shortly.

Finally, I chat with some stock photographers on smaller private forums and one lovely lady is having some severe issues with medical bills since her husband was taken ill. The US system (no politics here) is massively expensive, especially for people who have a relatively bare bones insurance plan with high deductibles and so hospital stays can be crippling for many people even with insurance. She is at her wits end wondering how to deal with all this debt and has started a GoFundMe page to help out. Please check it out if you don’t mind.

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