Society6 – hard work but intriguing!

I mentioned back in October that I had uploaded a few images to Society6. I only put 12 shots onto the site and then promptly forgot all about it and never heard any more from them. Then, out of the blue I got a payment from them for $5.70 so I thought I should check! So I was surprised when I visited my page to find that I had 3 sales – one paid and two pending for a total of $25.20 and so I decided to investigate some more and submit additional images to their site. As I did that over the past week, I saw more sales coming in and now I have six sales for a total of $44.70. Not bad from 12 images.

So what has sold? It turns out that so far just three specific images have sold, but on different products and hence for different amounts of money. The most popular image by far is this one:

Panorama of the city skyline of Chicago at dusk
Panorama of cityscape skyline of Chicago from the old observatory at sunset and reflected in artificial water surface

This one has sold as a cutting board, a tote bag, an art print and a wall tapestry. The second is my shot of the moon over the monuments in Washington DC:

Harvest Moon over monuments in Washington DC
Full Harvest moon rising above the Lincoln Memorial with Washington Monument and Capitol building aligned

This one has sold as a wall clock! The final one is one of my digital art images of San Diego:

Digital water color painting of San Diego skyline
Sunset illuminating the tall skyscrapers of San Diego in California from Centennial Park in Coronado with artificial water reflection

This one sold as a wood block 3 foot by 3 foot wall art display. Needless to say, this gave me a boost to start uploading more similar shots – I seem to have got some traction with skylines and so I add more to my portfolio to see if I could get some more sales from this interesting site.

My current store front on Society6 is here.

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9 Responses

  1. loslos1 says:

    Thanks Steve, very useful info. I will probably experiment with uploading to this agency as well.

  2. Juan Jose Napuri says:

    congratulations Steve, very motivating this post, I will also try, but one question: what program or what technique do you use to give that reflection in the sea to the city of chicago?

  3. khellon says:

    Well done Steve – showing rhe way again!.I added 20 photos to Society6 after your blog post but so far have yet to make any sales, Story of my life!!


    • Steven Heap says:

      I think most of my sales happened recently – and I’m not sure why. I’ve been working on tidying up my site recently and adding collections as well. I will try to get more sales and see what comes of it!

  4. khellon says:

    On a similar topic, I have added images to Photo4me that has resulted in 2 sales. I received 10 pounds for the first sale and then upped my commission and got 15 pounds for the second sale. Small but satisfying progress.


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