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I sometimes enter competitions – partly for the prize money and partly because I tend to be competitive in nature! The Dreamstime Blog competition is a tricky one as judging depends on how many people click “Useful” and that seems to depend on how many people you can persuade to go and do that! Not a great way to judge, but there you are. At the moment, I’m in fourth position with 9 clicks separating me from the leaders! If you have a Dreamstime account, it would be great if you could visit my blog post about how to shoot fireworks and click on that little green Useful button! Thanks!

Senior executive or security man opens sensor by pressing finger onto the plate
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12 Responses

  1. Jörgen says:

    Then you should be on first place now 🙂 32 with my click 🙂

  2. Kevin George says:


  3. Steven Heap says:

    Thanks All! I’m now in joint first place!

  4. Andres says:

    My click is for you 🙂

  5. Arthur Mustafa says:

    Your article really is useful, so I pressed the button 🙂
    Can I ask you something about PicFair? Is it worth it to upload images there if I don’t have a Plus subscription? I see that selling digital downloads, prints and having images listed in marketplace are available with a Plus subscription only.
    This means that if I have a regular PicFair account I just have some sort of a free website to display my photos?
    Thank you!

    • Steven Heap says:

      I haven’t signed up. I upload to Picfair without the Plus subscription simply because it is easy to do, but the sales have been almost non-existent. They seem like a good company with ideas, but no traction in the market.

      • Arthur Mustafa says:

        They are promoting very aggressively the Plus option these days, and considering what you said, I think the sales will exist only with this subscription. This might have been the plan from the start, from their part.

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