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I don’t want to turn into a shill for Jixipix, but I do like playing with them and when I saw that their discount this week is 35% I treated myself to the full Pro Bundle. I’m sorry to those who bought when it was 30% off – although I have an affiliate link, I have no insight into what they are planning. I was playing around just now with the Pastello application and made (what I think is a nice) charcoal impression of our dog, Toby. A black dog is always tricky, but this was lit with two flash guns in a large umbrella with two more flash guns on a white background, so I started off with a pretty good image, but it was neat how the various presets worked.

Pastello application of Jixipix to create a charcoal drawing of a small god
Pastello application from Jixipix for charcoal drawing from a photo

Now I would be the first to say that you will not make a fortune with these on stock agencies! My best seller is one of San Diego, which has earned a cool $10 on various sites! However, it does regularly sell on Society6 – the latest sale being a four foot square wood wall art with a profit of $18. That particular image has sold 5 or 6 times now on Society6, with earnings of over $80. And, of course, it is fun to play with these sort of applications once you have finished your keywording for the day!

Recent sale of fine art painting on wood blocks on Society6

I’ve talked before about how I use these programs – this one is Impresso Pro and this one Watercolor Pro. Now I have a wider range of things including a jigsaw making application that might have some stock uses. I need to investigate further!

The sale is on right now with the code SOFTWARE35. If you use my link by clicking on the image below I get a commission if you decide to buy something. Happy painting!

35% discount of Jixipix applications for digital painting
Use code SOFTWARE35

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