Society6 sales go through the roof

I checked my Society6 earnings page last week and was shocked to see a new total of $333.40 in pending earnings!! Last month it was $16.60! So what is happening over there?

Sales so far in the month have been:

Recent sale on Society6 of a wood wall art print of San Diego
Watercolor of San Diego Skyline at dusk on Wood Wall Art

Profit on that sale – $18.00. Then I had two sales of my Chicago city skyline. One on an X-large art print with a profit of $28 and on an small wall tapestry with a profit of $4.50.

Society6 sale of the city skyline of Chicago
Panorama of the city skyline of Chicago

The next sale was also of Chicago but a less panoramic version. This sold as a pair of blackout curtains with a profit of $12.90.

But the main event was a massive sale of 75 sets of 6 x 8 inch notebooks (3 in each set) with the harvest moon over Washington DC on the cover:

Harvest moon over Washington DC monuments recently sold on notebooks on Society6
Harvest Moon in Washington DC over the main monuments

Total profit $270!! I did write to support to make sure this wasn’t a fraudulent order, but they confirmed it looked good. I guess some company wanted it to hand out to their staff perhaps? I can’t imagine how much they actually paid for the books themselves.

I wish I knew the secret to Society6 sales. I only have around 32 unique images there and the same images do seem to sell time and time again whereas the other ones just don’t move at all. So I have no idea if adding new images would help sales or just what it was about these early images that really caught on. I guess I should add some more similar shots to see if I can get another winner.

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7 Responses

  1. loslos1 says:

    Congrats Steve, quite unexpected, but a welcome change nevertheless. Let’s see now if it can be consistent!

  2. J. Ross says:

    Hi Steve:

    To me it is simple…they sell because they are wonderful images with iconic views of America! Great work!

  3. melissa says:

    Wow…okay, now maybe I should throw some of my better images up on S6…It doesn’t hurt, though looks like it might be a bit time consuming.

    • Steven Heap says:

      Yes, perhaps! I have no idea why certain images sell and others don’t though. So the performance can be pretty erratic!


  4. MuamerO says:

    So far havent had any sale on s6 but last month I finaly went over the 100$ in stock so for me sucess. 🙂 Since I was not consistant with uploads 🙂 I should start with more freequent uploads tough unfortunatly my job is not allowing me to 🙁

    • Steven Heap says:

      Yes, it can be hard fitting in stock photography with a regular job! Best to just try to upload a few at one time when you have some spare time, I think.

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