JixiPix – 40% off until 11 November

I’m a keen user of the Jixipix range of applications and some of them have sold “reasonably” well – on Society6 in particular although I do get sales on both Adobe Stock and Shutterstock for this painting of San Diego:

Digital Painting of San Diego using Jixipix painting apps

I haven’t done any new ones recently – probably the last ones were the images of the old homes in Athens – because I’m still overwhelmed with processing images from Portugal (and with others from Williamsburg in Virginia and now some Washington DC shots in the pipeline). However, I noticed that Jixipix have a special offer of 45% off until 11 November. I bought mine with only 35% off, so I missed out there! I have an affiliate account with them so if you are interested, please click on the Jixipix ad below (or use this link) and use the coupon code Pro40 to get the discount.

I want to keep this blog free of endless promotions, and so I only recommend things that I actually use myself. I also have a few ads that will be interleaved with my blog posts – hope those don’t interfere too much with your reading. It all helps keep the blog alive!

Incidentally, if we step outside stock photography into the real world, my daughter had a lovely little dog that loved swimming, but has now left us. Unfortunately she was very camera shy (mainly flashes) and so I have relatively few “posed” pictures but I wanted something that my daughter could frame. All I found was this:

Zoe the Yorkie Poo after a swim

Nice shot but very difficult to get rid of the annoying background and her hair makes extraction really tricky. But a bit of work in Photoshop to remove most of the background followed by the use of the Pastello app from Jixipix made a much nicer image:

After the use of the Jixipix Pastello application
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    where is the link?

  2. Artur says:

    lovely, used the link form the different post

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