Food Photography with DoorDash

I wrote about my experiences with doing the paid shoot with DoorDash using take-out food from local restaurants, and ended up shooting 11 restaurants (I think…) for $385 in fees, plus obviously I got to eat the food that they paid for. The shoots are organized by Snapwire and you need to have a certain level in terms of points before you can apply for these sort of shoots. You get points by submitting images to their various challenges that they post regularly, so if you are interested in doing this, it is worth building up that point score. I believe you need to be at the “shooter” level to apply for these location based shoots. My reason for mentioning this again is that I completed all the shoots that were available in my area, but I notice that they have put what appear to be hundreds (thousands, maybe) of new location requests around the USA and Canada. I’ve just signed up for 5 more and there is also a shoot inside a restaurant where the chef will plate the food and the photographer will just take the shots. I had this down to a rapid fire assembly line process, so it would not take much effort to carry my equipment to the restaurant and take the shots there. That will earn a cool (yes, I joke) $60. Free food may or may not be included!

So if you want some easy (but not great) money, this might be something for you to think about.

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  1. Chris Willlemsen says:

    Waiting for this opportunity in The Netherlands

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