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For a long time I have wondered whether this blog would be more valuable to readers (and to me!) if I explained what sort of ideas I am having for new stock concepts and how I plan to explore them with still photos and videos. Up until now, I have kept those to myself and mentioned them well after I have had plenty of time to reap the rewards of my creations. The most recent example was with Juul vaping kits – almost $2000 earned since I first uploaded my early shots. To give up those ideas is risky for my own stock earnings but would be worthwhile if people are interested in paying for premium ideas.

I have created a membership plan for my blog which will provide access to all the premium information I will create. In this restricted section, I will talk about how I really create the images and videos that are earning the money that I report each month. However, rather than waiting for months (as with the Juul example), I’ll write about what I am thinking of creating in the next few weeks and give you a chance to come up with your own concepts and ideas before the topic becomes over-subscribed. I’m not saying that I can do this month after month – but I will let you know what I think could become profitable and how I plan to go about illustrating it.

Rather than have a big upfront payment (as you would find with a high level course), I’ll keep the monthly outlay small and have no cancellation restrictions – if you don’t find the information useful, you can cancel at any time and the cancellation link will be right here on the blog. I decided that for all initial members, the price will be $1.99 for the first month and $4.99 a month after that. In many countries, that would buy you a cup of coffee! I will review that membership fee over time to see if I should increase it (but only for people joining at that time). Your subscription is fixed and will not increase.

The first restricted posts will be live in a day or two, so take advantage of this special early offer now! You will also find it under the Membership menu item above.

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  1. I think this is a great idea, and I am totally supporting it! Not sure member how much I am, but count me in! 😉

  2. elovkoff says:

    Great idea Steve. Subscribed. And thanks for offering more insights. With the current state of the industry we need every bit of it.

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