Happy New Year – 2020

It will take me a bit of time to get my earnings together and I like to do an end of year report as well. It also looks like EyeEM will not be back from the holiday celebrations until January 6th! Nice for some!

Happy New Year stock photo for 2020
Composite of multiple firework explosions with calendar blocks showing 2019 sinking into the ocean as 2020 starts

So I’d like to wish you all a Happy New Year and hope we can all look forward to some sales in 2020. The image I chose to illustrate this post (which I was quite impressed with) is not a great example of what I hope for! It was uploaded in April last year and has sold 3 times for $0.91! Although, to keep my hopes up, it could have sold a bit more on iStock in December I think! Maybe it will have reached $2! It is also one of the images that EyeEM put onto Getty and, surprise surprise, the keywords actually say 2020 and New Year so perhaps my good fortune will start via that site!

It really makes you wonder why some images get the traction and others don’t. I think in retrospect that I uploaded it far too early – maybe September would have been better and so it became lost in the general sinkhole that describes the big agencies these days. If I do any variations of this for 2021, I might try that later upload and see if it makes any difference to sales. There doesn’t seem to be an easy answer to this – our fortunes are in the laps of the gods!

Anyway – all the best to you and your families for the coming year!

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    Happy new year!

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