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Some of the posts that I did in the past tend to get lost, but the information is still useful. These links will take you to the latest posting on each subject:

My approach to stock video
Stock Video Part 2
Stock Video Part 3
Can you just focus on travel photos?
Review of 2017 in stock photography
My current workflow for supporting sixteen agencies
Do Alamy buyers search for cheaper licenses?
How to decide whether to submit only to the macro sites
What sells on Fine Art America
How to find the best photo locations on vacation
My favorite Sony A7rii lenses
Stock Submitter and Alamy/Getty
Stock Submitter – an elegant way to upload your files
Travel Photography – how to maximize your earnings through stock images
Image Brief – A great way to get ideas and occasionally some serious money
Fine Art America – how I decide what to sell for Fine Art prints and how I price them
Setting up your own Symbiostock stock agency website
Photographing Food Magazine
Which stock agencies do I support?
Top 10 ways to sell more stock photos
Photographers Guide to Tampa in Florida

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5 Responses

  1. C Hayes says:

    I tried to contact you at sales @ backyardsilver.com – I got an error saying that the address in the ‘TO” field was not recognized.

  2. Sue Gresham says:

    Hi Steve, I have your book and have been a follower of your site for what seams like a long time. My congratulations on your work and your success.

    I am going to buy the Edelkrone Surface One – from Germany to Andorra, where I live. It is the cheapest (no taxes) although they may apply them here??

    I am writing to ask if my purchase helps you in any way (I know that the USA ‘shop” is B&H), but it is very expensive for me to shop there with the added shipping charges. Normally for USA goods I have them sent to a friend in Arizona, but in this case I am not getting a good price. I think that I will have to risk the European postal service!!
    If you wish I can tell Edelkrone in Germany that I am buying this on your recommendation?

    • admin says:

      Hi Sue – I do use mine pretty frequently. It is great for rotating objects very smoothly with the camera on a tripod. I did ask them about an affiliate program and they didn’t have one, but I will write to them again. Thanks for thinking of me!
      Good luck!

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