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A opportunity to obtain some unique jewelry

OK, only vaguely related to stock photography – although there are photos on the site! I finally put the finishing pieces on my wife’s jewelry site today. She makes silver wire wrapped pendants and necklaces/earrings and my job was to create a site with some good photographs, a shopping cart and an ability to browse through the designs. WordPress came to the rescue and I have now gone live with the site. So, if you are seeking a unique gift for a loved one – please check out Backyard Artisan for some delightful jewelry.

Silver wire wrapped cabochon

Update on wire-wrapped jewelry

I mentioned, a few posts ago, that Jacqui was building a business making jewelry – with a focus on delicately encasing semi-precious stones with sterling silver wire. Her work is now for sale on an Etsy store and we maintained the Backyard theme by naming it! It is interesting to learn how best to make use of these stores – the search engine seems to favor newly entered items, and they are also displayed for a time on the landing page of the site. We found that the items got more page views in the few days after they were added for sale, and that slowly drops away over time. We made the mistake of entering all the items at once when the store was first set up, but now we add one item a week to maintain some status in the search process. The current plan is to try to get some traction on the site before Christmas.

The activity – which has since evolved to creating ornate and intricate bracelets – has led to an interesting opportunity though. Jacqui has been invited to become a teacher of wire-wrap jewelry at a local craft store. We will see how that develops.

How to: Take photographs of Jewelry

One of the tasks to be tackled in selling jewelry is how to photograph it in a way that brings out the shape and the subtlety of the piece. As mentioned below, Jacqui has started to create beautiful silver wire-wrap jewelry by carefully encasing a cabochon – a shaped and polished semi-precious gemstone – in intricately shaped sterling silver wire. My job is to photograph them for her on-line sales web site.

If you look at the site, we have followed the approach of three variants for each piece. One is a picture of a lady wearing the pendant to show how it looks against skin, the second is against a black velvet background to bring out the colors, the third is to show an out of focus pastel colored background with the pendant seemingly floating in mid air. This last shot was made by using a glass topped coffee table, with an impressionist print on the floor about 12 inches below, and the pendant on the glass. I used two flashes on each side of the piece, one firing through a white umbrella, one reflected back from a silver umbrella a little further away. They give a broad enough swathe of light to properly illuminate the piece and the poster on the floor. With an f/8 aperture, I get a shallow depth of field to give the background a nice blurred impression. The result is shown below.

Another Venture – Silver wire-wrap jewelry

My wife has now started her own venture under the Backyard Productions LLC entity – the creation of unique sterling silver wire-wrap cabochon pendants. These start from ornate polished semi-precious stones – called cabochons – and then she created a supporting environment of sterling silver wire, holding and enhancing the pendant for a lovely necklace or brooch. We have opened a shop front on Etsy – 20c to list each piece and 3.5% of the sales price in commission. However, Etsy manages the payment, which is quite difficult for a small business in its early days. The site is at BackyardArtisan on, and we have also created a site showing all the variants available at Backyard Artisan

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