How To Articles

Over the past few years, I have written a number of articles about “how to” techniques. I’ll start to collect them in this area of my blog for easy reference:

Stock Video – how I do it
My workflow for supporting sixteen agencies
How to maximize your earnings
How to create images for things in the news
How to make the best of your day in a new city
Building an ultra fast Windows 10 PC for Photography
Green Screen Extraction Technique using Adobe Lightroom
Improved Extraction and Blending Technique
Enhanced dynamic range using 32 bit editing in Lightroom and Camera Raw
Something from Nothing – Creating stock photos from basic elements
Creating a Portfolio Website using WordPress
Backing up your Symbiostock personal stock website
Don’t Throw it Away – getting great results from poor beginnings
Using StockUploader to upload images to multiple sites
How to take great images in dark buildings – reduce noise


I'm always interested in what you think - please let me know!

Looking forward to reading your book. I will be checking out past posts, but want to make sure I don’t miss new articles. I assume this is the best way to get that? Do you post links on your Twitter and/or FB feeds?

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