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Earnings from Stock Photography – April 2016

Is this an April Fools Joke or what – earnings in April were down to a new low and Shutterstock, normally one of my more reliable agencies, failed to even reach $750 this month – ending at just $736. The last time I had earnings so low at Shutterstock was in February 2013 – over 3 years ago, when I had just 3664 images online at that agency compared to 5800 now. I don’t know if the buyers are voting with their feet and going to other agencies, but not a good sign for me!

Counting my Shutterstock Earnings

Counting my Shutterstock Earnings

Overall I just managed to scrape over the $2000 mark – ending at $2274. Continue Reading

Never trust a camera club judge

At my old camera club, we had competitions each month and I entered this shots as a 16×20 matted print:

Storm sweeps over Shenandoah Valley from Skyline Drive in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia

Storm over the Blue Ridge Mountains

I’ll never forget the judge’s comments – “I’ve never seen a sky like that – really overdone…” and she gave it a poor score. Continue Reading

Where in the world is Steve?

I’ve been very quiet of late, and haven’t been paying much attention to my stock photo work – mainly because our planned move to Morgantown in West Virginia finally happened after we sold our home in Virginia. So we have had 4 weeks of packing things into boxes and now four weeks of unpacking things and wondering where on earth they will go in a smaller house.

I’ve taken a few shots when I can find the time – there was an ImageBrief request for photos of Morgantown and so I made two trips to various overlook points around the town and took some interesting scenes:

Panoramic skyline and cityscape of Morgantown, home of West Virginia University or WVU

Panoramic skyline and cityscape of Morgantown

As usual with ImageBrief, Continue Reading

Earnings from Stock Photography – latest stats

First a word about February – although this is a short month, it didn’t turn out too badly for me, my Stock Photographer’s Lament notwithstanding! Total earnings ended at $2511 and some of the Zoonar and iStock earnings have still to appear. Bright points of the month were with iStock, where I had five Extended licenses bought on the same day – all variants of this shoot:

Five extended licenses from this shoot

Fotolia/Adobe is continuing to grow – I reached $192 from that site in February, and Canva is very reliable – $191 in February. Shutterstock as usual disappoints, with just $828.

This prompted me to revisit a chart I created a couple of years back when I calculated the earnings per online image from the main sites. Continue Reading

Second New Sale on Fine Art America

I don’t know if this is a result of changing my pricing on FineArtAmerica, but I have had my second sale of the month today. The image that sold as a 30 x 18 print was this one:

Sunset on Formby Beach

Sunset on Formby Beach

It sold as a gallery wrapped canvas print and profit on this was $77. Nice to see, and I hope this is just the second of many. I reported my first sale this year via FAA here.

New sale on Fine Art America

Hooray – a sale on FineArtAmerica! Back in December I decided to reduce my pricing on FAA and explained the logic at that time (it was based on the average pricing of people who had had sales recently). Nothing happened immediately, but I did get a sale this week:

24 x 20 framed print sold on Fine Art America

This sold as a framed and matted 24 x 20 inch print, and my profit was $63 under the new pricing. Still worthwhile, but I’m hoping the sales will come a bit more frequently!

January 2016 earnings from stock photography

As I jokingly suggested in this post about a stock photographer’s year, January is never a great month for earnings and it didn’t let me down. It wasn’t too bad, to be honest, with the earnings ending at $2213, but compared to last January which had $2314, I am hardly making progress. And I uploaded about 1200 images in the past year as well. So it looks like the general rule is becoming that you need to continue working hard to keep your earnings the same! It is a good job that I enjoy photography and I enjoy traveling to interesting places, so it is hard to really call it work although I must admit that keywording and describing images is a chore.

stock photo online image earnings

Earnings through January 2016

Highlights for the month? Continue Reading

Nice to spot an image in use

I was flying on United yesterday and idly watching the screen. They had a quiz about where different airport codes refer to and IAD came up. I knew that one (Washington Dulles!), but when the answer came up, it was superimposed on one of my images of the Washington Monument at sunrise taken from the Jefferson Memorial:

Seen on United In Flight Entertainment

Seen on United In Flight Entertainment

Of course I have no idea where they licensed it – hopefully for more than 38c! Still, it’s nice to see an image in use!

Two Shutterstock records broken in one day

Yesterday turned out to be a great day on Shutterstock. On of the records was much anticipated – I finally passed the $50,000 earnings level after first joining the site in early 2008 – I was $4 short on Monday, but ended Tuesday with $50,159! I’m averaging around $11,000 a year on that site now, and so less than 5 years to my next big threshold of $100,000!

So the second record? I got a single sale for $120. That is well above my previous best which I think was around $95 or so, and the winning image was one of my cherry blossom shots from Washington DC. Not one of my best shots (in my view) but it obviously hit the right buttons for the buyer. Here is that image from my new portfolio on Symzio:

Sold on Shutterstock for $120

Sold on Shutterstock for $120



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