Announcement: How can I sell my photos and make some money???

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New Sale on Fine Art America

These things only come round every month or two, but this one was worth mentioning – a sale of a 30 x 18 inch metal print of the Wailua Waterfall in Kauai – sold to someone who lives very close to the falls, so I guess they must think it is a good likeness!

Sale of metal print on Fine Art America

Wailua Falls in Kauai sold on FineArtAmerica

The profit on this one with my FAA pricing plan Continue Reading

Earnings from Stock Photography in June 2016

Another month, another disappointment with Shutterstock! After it picked up to $920 in May, we are back down at $748 for June. The lack of on-demand and the more expensive Extended and Single sales really is making a difference and it isn’t the reliable earner it once was, unfortunately. Lets hope they have some plans to pull up the earnings (unless the plan is to accept so many images that each contributor gets a smaller share of the pie)

However, Alamy did seem to show some good sales for me this last month, Continue Reading

My Canon Gear on sale!

I’ve put my Canon gear up for sale, but if anyone wants to buy directly from me, please get in touch via sales at The macro lens has already been sold so I still have:

Canon 16-35mm F4 L IS USM lens with hood: $895

Canon 1.6x Extender II with lens caps: $255 Continue Reading

Using Canon speedlite flash on Sony A7R

I have four Canon flashes (three 550EX and one 580EX) as well as the Canon ST-E2 infra-red controller. With my change of camera outfit from Canon to Sony, the next question is whether I can effectively use these flash guns with the Sony? There is a great article by Tim Ford, where he concludes that an optical flash adapter is the best way of getting the highest sync speeds, but he is using the 580EX II – mine are the earlier versions and don’t have a PC sync socket – so no way to control them apart from the infra-red or hot shoe. He did conclude that putting one flash in the hot shoe worked fine (in manual mode) up to 1/250th second, and with some clever use of the Custom modes on the flash, you can get a pseudo automatic mode where the aperture is fixed and the flash measures light bounced back to its sensor you can use 1/200th of a second. I could use that from time to time with a single flash, but my main use is with multiple flashes in umbrellas etc. Continue Reading

Out and About in West Virginia

We found our way to a very remote spot in West Virginia today – Jenkinsburg Bridge, also known as Bull Run Bridge over the Cheat River.

Jenkinsburg Bridge Morgantown WV

Jenkinsburg Bridge Morgantown WV

This 1912 metal truss bridge is only about 12 miles as the crow flies from Morgantown, but the only road to it takes almost 50 minutes and the last 4 miles is on a 4 wheel drive very rough and steep track down the hillside. The road across the bridge is pretty much impassable to normal vehicles. Continue Reading

Marketing Fine Art Photographs

I don’t often recommend books, but one I have really enjoyed reading and also found very informative is Alain Briot’s Marketing Fine Art Photography. He gives lots of good advice about what sort of photographs sell, where to sell them and how to go about marketing prints of your work.

Making money from selling prints yourself isn’t easy, but it is very rewarding to get the personal satisfaction from someone deciding that your image would look good on their wall. I have a couple of images in an exhibition in Morgantown this month and have my fingers crossed that someone will buy one of them, so I guess I have the “bug.”

Sony A7RII – what do I think of the quality?

I’ve not done much outdoor shooting yet, but I wanted to try the new Sony in a more difficult setting – a backlit indoor shot using natural light. I have the Sony set to ISO 100 unless the shutter speed is going to be less than 1/60th second, in which case, it moves to Auto ISO (nice feature!). This tricky lighting condition with a sunlit window in the background and exposure compensation set to +1, meant that the final exposure was 1/60th at F6.3 with ISO 2000. Continue Reading

Sony A7Rii – my settings

Right – now we have the camera and the Really Right Stuff L bracket installed, it is time to set the camera to my liking! You would think I would be out taking some pictures as it is a balmy 83 degrees and sunny here in West Virginia, but we are looking after our grand-daughter this week (and the two dogs) and so free time is not really available!

So what do I like in a stock photography camera? Continue Reading

Move from Canon to Sony after 10 years…

I’ve finally decided to give my back a rest and move to a slightly smaller camera kit, hopefully without sacrificing quality along the way! As a result, all my Canon stuff will be going and making room for a new Sony A7R ii body plus 16-35mm F4, 24-70mm F4 and 70-200mm F4 Sony lenses. I decided to go this way rather than buy a lens adapter and use my Canon lenses partly for convenience and weight and partly because those Canon lenses still have a reasonable resale value and I thought it was better to completely make the break. My normal camera bag carries those equivalent Canon lenses, a 50mm F1.4, and a 1.4x extender for the zoom. I don’t tend to use the 50mm very much, although I might look for an equivalent one for the Sony in due course, and my thought was that a crop into a 42M pixel frame was roughly equivalent to the extender. Continue Reading

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