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Stock photo ideas – Jan 26

I think I’m already a bit late with this one, but I have a feeling (and a big worry) that it will turn into the biggest story of 2020. As such, it could generate a demand for a whole range of illustrative images and videos. I’m talking about the corona virus epidemic in China. First, I suspect it is a lot worse than we know, and if it spreads in another country, it will be the subject of endless discussions......

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Ideas for new stock photos and videos to address current subjects in the news and comment web sites

Ideas for Stock Photos and Videos – January 17

I won’t do these every two days going forward, but I wanted to mention a few things on my mind as potential subjects. First though – check out the daily email from The Hustle. It’s a short email with interesting slants on technology and business news and often gives me things to consider as well as ideas for new stock shoots. There was a recent one about three big lawsuits building up – Google vs Oracle over open source code,......

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Earnings from stock photography annual review for 2019

Year End Review – 2019

2019 has now come and gone and its time to review how the stock business performed during the year. Overall, it was not too bad (and could certainly have been worse) as I ended up with total earnings of $35,595 compared with $35,790 in 2018. I would really have liked to continue with some growth over previous years, but the slow second half of December put paid to that. Here is the trend: As you can see from the above,...

Blog will continue as before

I’m sure you have noticed some premium articles being published. I wanted to reassure readers that I will continue to post other items for general consumption as before. I’m not turning this blog into a subscription only website. I wanted to get a bit of premium content online, but I still plan to report on the 2019 annual results shortly and add more information on stock photography and videos going forward that everyone will be able to read.

vote for article about color in stock photos on Dreamstime blog

Ideas for stock images and video – Jan 15

I promised to update you with ideas that I have for new images. Most of these are ones that I haven’t got my own head round and so I will rarely have competing images, and I will also explain why I think it might be a good subject to try to illustrate. You will probably find that some of these are US specific, but as I mentioned yesterday I believe that the USA is probably the biggest single market for......

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Maximize your success by spotting trends

As you know, I take two basic types of stock image – places and things. This article is going to dig deeper into how I decide what “things” to take! The whole genre of taking stock images and videos of people is very profitable (if you are good at it), but that isn’t really my scene and the risks (of lawsuits from unhappy models) is much greater. Breaking down my approach to the next level, images of places are pretty......

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Earnings from selling photos online

Stock photo earnings December 2019

I’ve been anxiously awaiting my earnings from EyeEM after their extended holiday break before I report the full December earnings and now they are in! $22… Perhaps forget that now and come back to the main story. The month was pretty quiet in the second half, as usual, and I ended with $2630, about the same as last year. Quite a drop from previous months, but, as you can see from the graph, this is pretty normal. Just to add...

How to manage stock video media workflow

My workflow for Video stock

I received a question in the Ask Steve a Question post about my workflow for video. I’m not sure if I have ever written about this, so here we go. First, the question: I know you dealing with both photography and Videos …and you mentioned that you use Ligthroom as your main program for photos – viewing and sorting ect – my question is how do you treat video ?? I mean do also use LR for viewing video ???...

Happy New Year concept stock image

Happy New Year – 2020

It will take me a bit of time to get my earnings together and I like to do an end of year report as well. It also looks like EyeEM will not be back from the holiday celebrations until January 6th! Nice for some! So I’d like to wish you all a Happy New Year and hope we can all look forward to some sales in 2020. The image I chose to illustrate this post (which I was quite impressed...

More answers to your stock photo questions

Your stock photo questions answered…

Taking a break from some of my other work (and I did finish all my uploads of Portugal yesterday!) and so I decided to look at some of the questions I received but haven’t answered yet. The first one was via the contact page on my site and was: Thank you very much for your website, which is very useful. I wanted to ask you two questions. Bigstock belongs to Shutterstock ?. In the list of StockSubmitter agencies are separated....