Announcement: How can I sell my photos and make some money???

I asked myself that question over 8 years ago, and decided the answer was to sell my images on stock agencies. Since then I have increased my income to more than $35,000 a year and I share the steps and lessons learned in the newly revised 2017 edition of my eBook – Getting Started in Stock.  You are facing a simple choice – do you want to learn as you go, following the forums and their inconsistent information from people who may or may not know what they are talking about, or do you want to save hours of frustration and learn it all on one easy to follow book?

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New Sales on Fine Art America

I always like to see sales on the Print on Demand sites as it gives me a nice warm feeling that my “art” is appreciated! The money helps as well! So the past couple of weeks have been excellent in terms of new sales on Fine Art America – perhaps the biggest of the sites. The first sale was in late October and was for a 14 x 11 inch print of Cheat Lake in the fall in Morgantown:Print of Cheat Lake in Morgantown sold on Fine art america

As a print only sale, the profit was relatively small at $35, but it is nice to see it sell. I wish I knew if it was from some posting on social media that I have made about the image. I did post it to a Facebook group for people who were brought up in this area, so it is possible that the sale came from that.

The second sale came just 5 days later in early November Continue Reading

Stock Photography earnings in October 2018

Another month, another record! October earnings of $3248 marked the 17th consecutive month when my earnings from selling photos and videos online have beaten the same month in the previous year. This is going to be a slightly shorter post than normal as I have just got back from 3 weeks in China and have 4200 photos and 90 videos to process. I can see that this could take the whole of the month to work through and I need to get going!Earnings from selling photos and videos online

This month ended up with an increase of almost $500 over the same month in 2017. Not bad going, although I can see from the graph that November and December are going to be tough months. Both were well over $3000 but I am up for a challenge!  Continue Reading

Uploading digital art to stock agencies

I’m not saying that this is the route to wealth and success, but having created my digital paintings for the Fine Art sites like Fine Art America and Society6, I started to wonder whether these same images would sell on the normal stock sites. After all, they could certainly be sold by others (via an enhanced or extended license) and so perhaps a painting of a city skyline might make some money?

Digital watercolor painting of the tall skyscrapers of San Diego in California from Centennial Park in Coronado

This is the image that I decided to experiment with. But how to do it? I created the painting with Watercolor Studio from Jixipix and added the text Continue Reading

A Fine Art site to try – Society6

A friend recently mentioned that they had more success on Society6 than they have on Fine Art America, and after my last post about getting back into Fine Art, I decided to give it a go! But when I checked out the “popular” works under the category “Art Prints”, I found that many of them were actual works of art – ie paintings (or at least prints of paintings). Not to be deterred, I did what I promised to do in the previous post and bought a copy of the Watercolor Studio from Jixipix and got to work on creating my first work of watercolor art!

Digital watercolor print of the skyline of San Diego at sunset

Not bad – even though I say so myself! If you want to try this sort of thing, here is my link for the product on Jixipix – it is $49.99, but definitely worthwhile if you want to quickly create “works of art”!  Continue Reading

An interesting website for photographers

If you are anything like me (and I hope I don’t mean old…) there are three sorts of website that I hate – those that take you to an interesting article but it turns out to be a video (I don’t have time to watch a video just to see if there is something interesting in it), those that are just lists of stupid tips that are simply there to get you to click one of their ads, and those that have endless flashing ads and videos and pop-ups. OK, put the old grump back in his box! What I do like is a clean site that has well thought out articles written by someone that knows what they are talking about. You might be interested in a site that Chris Putman has put together called Photo Basecamp.Photo Basecamp is new website with reviews and location descriptions

Their main focus is two fold – honest equipment reviews of kit they have bought and used, and then an increasing series of location specific articles about how to get the best from a visit to a specific location. Of course, they will add more of those in the future, but there are already some interesting places described. Perhaps they could open that up to guest articles in the same style – that could add new locations more quickly perhaps? They have also added new sections on photo and processing tips that sound interesting. Finally, Chris has written about his experiences in stock photography, with a nice call-out to my book, but even without that, the site is worth following!

Earnings from selling photos and videos online

The September results are in and the big question is whether I managed to maintain my record of beating the earnings in the same month in the previous year? The answer is yes – for the 16th consecutive month I have increased earnings over that same month. I’m not sure how long I can keep this up, but it is a worthwhile goal! To be honest, there is not much that you can do to impact sales in any particular month – the only real action we can take is to continue to upload good saleable images and videos on a regular basis. If there is a secret to success, it is that.

What made this month so good – with total earnings at $3315 – was the great video performance. Fully $564 from videos in September. Continue Reading

Fine Art opportunities

This is perhaps a bit of a pretentious title, but what I was thinking about was creating photos and artwork for sale on the Print on Demand sites such as Fine Art America and Photo4Me. Earlier this month I ran out of ideas for new stock shots (yes, it does happen!) so I decided to spend a bit of time looking at my portfolio and adding more images that I thought might look good on a wall as a large print. Of course, I was made more enthusiastic by the two sales from FineArtAmerica last month, and even more so by a sale on Photo4Me:

Unlike FAA, you can only set your profit margin on Photo4Me, and they give you guidance on the average sale price of images. As a result, my earnings aren’t as good as those I get on the bigger site, but it was only a 20 x 10 inch framed print and my commission was about $20. It is an interesting site where each image is vetted before being accepted and the members of the site are able to comment on how much they like the photo. It is always interesting to see which ones they prefer. I guess those rankings feed into their search engine in some way – but I’m not sure. Continue Reading

Best selling images and videos in August

I promised to split the normal earnings post this month and concentrate on some better earners in this second article. As I was thinking about it, I began to think about what makes for a good stock portfolio. As I cover in my video talk, I see stock photos as falling into three categories – People, Places and Things. I don’t tend to do many People shots even though I think those are probably the most popular images on the various agencies. Why not – partly because it is not my comfort zone and partly because to do it properly requires models, potentially involving payments to them, and hence more of a risk of not getting your money back in earnings. So a few shots with myself as the model are OK, but not much more than that.

Example of a stock photo for halloween

Yes, that really is me although perhaps no model release was needed for this one! So back to the plot. I focus much more on Places and Things and when I watch my results, it is clear that the Things category probably Continue Reading

Copyright of items in Stock Photos

Yesterday I wrote about my Memorial Plaque from 1918 and how it was unlikely to be covered by copyright. I was basing this on a table on the Cornell University website that says that works published before 1923 in the USA are in the public domain

However, I made a simple but stupid error here – this medal wasn’t published in the USA. It was first used in the UK and so copyright law in that country applies. Copyright in the UK says that the work is protected for the life of the artist plus 70 years. I found the sculptor of the work and he died in 1965 and so copyright exists until 2035!

Now is there a risk here if it is used commercially – yes, I guess there is for the publisher of the work. It would have been a big mistake for me to create some sort of property release, but as it is, I haven’t claimed to have any sort of release for this item. However, as this is the main element of the image I think I will change the uploads to editorial just to be on the safe side. Just goes to show that stock photography can be more complicated than we think!

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