Weekly examples of stock photos Jan 8

Last week I started with a New Year resolution to post once a week with some example stock images taken that week. I did this partly to keep the pressure on myself to take more images and I also hope it will be helpful to give you some ideas. This is the second week, but first an update on some images uploaded last week. I took as set of images of an Apple Macbook (no logos), but was surprised that all of them were rejected by Shutterstock for trademark issues, including this one.

USB Symbol

Nothing about Apple on this one – you would be hard pressed to say that this was an Apple computer. I am coming to the conclusion that the little USB symbol may be the issue. I plan to rework a few of these with the logo removed in Photoshop, but if anyone knows if this logo is trademarked, please let me know. {Edit} I removed the USB logo from the plug and it was accepted by Shutterstock last night.

Valentine Icon

First new image of the week was actually an illustration done completely in Photoshop. My plan was to create a master template and then add new icons relatively easily, but this one was rejected by Shutterstock for “Too many images online!” It was accepted at other sites so I will see how it sells before spending more time on it.

Game of dominoes

I then found an old box (probably 40 years old) of wooden dominoes. I thought they would make some great images of the game itself, and so took a range of shots both of the game as well as myself holding the next piece ready for play. A bit of money in a few shots added a gambling theme. Then I thought about the economic crisis in Europe with the various countries tottering over debt and problems in the banking sector. Perhaps these dominoes standing on top of banknotes would give some idea of the problems and the risks of a chain reaction if one of the domino’s is pushed over. I tried various lighting arrangements – straight light from two umbrella mounted flashes to give a nice even light, and then this one which has one open flash gun to provide some side light and shadows to represent more of a dramatic take on the image. One trademark warning that I discovered after the fact. I had some UK pound notes that I used behind the Euro note (I only had one of those!). I later found out that images of British pounds are not acceptable at most stock sites! Amazing what you learn as I thought I had checked on this before proceeding, but obviously not in the right places. Again, if anyone knows more about this trademark/copyright issue, please let me know in the comments. {Edit} Shutterstock completed its review and rejected the few images where the British pound was the main focus of the image, but accepted others where the note was playing a “supporting role!” Interesting to know. More stock images next week.

Dominoes showing financial crisis

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