Another Fine Art Sale – Washington DC

I’ve been on Fine Art America for a few years now, but it does seem that sales are coming a bit faster in recent months. I’ve not been uploading images very often (I keep telling myself to upload more!), but I get interesting and profitable sales almost every month. So far this year, I have had one sale in February, two in March and now a new one for April! This time it was a large framed print of the cherry blossoms at the tidal basin in Washington DC, with the monument reflected nicely in the calm waters around dawn.

40 x 33 inch print in 48 x 41 frame and mat

This is a particularly large print – 40 inches across, but the resolution should be fine for that size of image. Total profit on this sale – $108 using my pricing for FineArtAmerica described last year.

This time I really will start to upload some new images!!


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Congratulations on the sale.
I have a question. Do you price your images on Fine Art America yourself, or are they automatically priced by the site? How do I price my images if I want to sell on the site? Thanks.

    Yes, you do price your own images (and many other printed objects) on the site. The blog post I linked to showed the pricing I use – basically you set that in a template first and then all uploaded images get that pricing structure. You can change the pricing of all (or just a few) images on the site as well if you want.


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