Don’t forget to enjoy your photography

With the constant pressure to create more saleable stock images, it is easy to forget that we also do this because we enjoy photography! I talked about some great images I managed to capture on my final evening in Kauai, and I kept thinking about how best to show what I think is going to be one of my favorites. The answer, of course, is to print it! We get so used to looking at things on the screen, but to some extent they are here now but gone as soon as you click on the next image. I saw an offer of 20% off all prints at Mpix and a 20 x 30 inch metal print turned out to be $130 or so. I uploaded a sharpened version of the image, chose the “do not color correct” option on the website, and within about 4 days I had a really well packed metal print waiting for hanging. Here is the proud father and his child…

The interesting thing is that both my wife and I keep looking at it and admiring it as we walk past – hard to do when you need to find it on your hard drive. So don’t forget to use your images for your own enjoyment as well as being a way to make some extra money!


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Yep, enjoying your photography is super important. Especially when you’re doing stock shots.
Just the other day I had this feeling of total boredness. I’m bored by the same type of my “heroes” (shooting summer drinks recently), the same glasses, the same dark background and the same light set up (natural light – backlit or side).
The bright side is I know several angles of view that are perfect for stocks so the shooting can go automatically.

But when it comes to automation, it’s getting boring.

Thanks for sharing Steve! I admire your steadiness in posting over these… 10 (?) years. I’ve read through all your blog several months ago 😀

Hello Steve

Photography begins to live after printing. After all, only then it can be touched. I also printed some of my photos. It’s also a very good gift.


Great shot, you captured the light perfectly! 🙂

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