Travel Photographer of the Year

A friend of mine wrote a blog post about entering for the Travel Photographer of the Year contest as a way of expanding beyond stock photography. I think that is a great objective and I’m certainly going to look into it myself. Interestingly, after the digital entries are refined down to potential winners, you need to submit physical prints of your work – a great choice I think!

What struck me about the competition rules was the very comprehensive section on what the judges look for. It is good reading for any of us as it nicely encapsulates what we should all be thinking about when we are talking our photos – yes, stock photography has some additional rules perhaps – leave more space than you would in a “fine art” photo for a potential caption or message, but in general the ideas about good composition and impact apply across all fields of the visual art. Well worth a read!


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Thanks for the mention, Steve 🙂

I believe that scene you captured in Kauai would certainly be worthy of a prize or two. Give it a shot, it’s all part of not forgetting to enjoy your photography as you’ve written!

Good luck

That is an impressive and useful list of what the judges look for!

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