My bitcoin shots are selling out fast…

I wrote about my approach to a new stock idea earlier in the week, and continued to think of new variants as the week went on. One I did as a bit of a laugh yesterday was to illustrate the concept of Bitcoin mining. Using one of my old photos of a mine entrance in Australia, I composited in one of my arms:

Not the best image in the world, but I thought I might as well upload it. I did that last night, it was approved overnight and has just sold. That hasn’t happened for a while for me.


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I bought it! Just kidding.

Maybe this image will be worth as much as one bit coin one day ($2000+)

Good luck!

Bitcoins are now $4220 – that is why there is so much interest in them just now. Everyone is writing an article about them!

Oh god, soon Shutterstock may be paying us in bitcoins 😀

Awesome! It is a great idea indeed. Success with the other images as well! – and thanks for sharing about your approach and process.

I just got 2 rejections on Istock for bitcoin photos (copyright infrigement) … whereas they have 19 pages of such photos. Have you also got some rejections with some agencies?

    I do get rejections – it seems to be a bit hit and miss and maybe depends on the reviewer. iStock reject most of them or tell me to remove the logos (which makes it a bit useless). I guess I could make some of them editorial and resubmit, but I haven’t got round to it!

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