Fotolia steps up the marketing

As a contributor, I rarely follow the approaches that the various stock sites use to market their services. I’m really glad they are doing it, but it doesn’t impact me very much. I was pleasantly surprised to see a new initiative from Fotolia to create a very clear and well put together site to explain why it makes sense to pay for an image rather than seek a free copy somewhere on the internet.

I’ve been uploading to Fotolia since I started in stock almost four years ago, and I did have some initial concerns about their rejections. In recent months though, I think I must have cracked the code, because I am getting more images accepted out of each batch, and my sales are following along. Fotolia is normally my third or fourth best selling site (after Shutterstock, iStock and Dreamstime), and I have fewer images on that site (1100 compared to 1600 on Shutterstock).

If you decide to check them out as a buyer, please use my Fotolia referral link. I also understand that I can get you a free 14 day subscription to let you download 3 images a day – I’m not sure how long this special offer will last, so please use the email in the About section of my site if you would like a free subscription to try them out.

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