Stock Photo Topics – Photographing Food Magazine – Volume 2

I wrote about the electronic magazine Photographing Food a couple of months back – although they are quite expensive at $5 per issue, I enjoyed them coming along at intervals as you could read, absorb and practice each technique as they were published. It was quite rightly pointed out that you could buy a full book about photographing food for less than the price of all the back-issues. However, I still found them useful and entertaining (and gave me some ideas for food images of my own!)

Well now – Volume 2 of the series has now been started with the publication of Issue 1 of this new Volume. The author, Taylor, says: “This new volume will take the techniques learned in the 8 issues of Volume 1, and apply them to new and different dishes! Volume 2 will also be known as the Composition and Styling Series. In each issue of the series, there will be a central theme to each of the dishes. I will walk you through how I selected the props, styled and composed the dish, and lit the dish. The theme for this issue is reflective foods. Each dish in this issue will have some reflectivity to its surface.”

I’ve just downloaded my copy, so it is too early to give full feedback, but if you enjoy the challenge of taking professional food images without expensive equipment, please check out the new Volume of Photographing Food.

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  1. Sue Gresham says:

    I have tried to sign up for your news letter – not received your email to verify my name and email. I have bought your book and paid by PayPal, but NOT received the book, no emails – nothing……..??????????? fed up

  2. Sue Gresham says:

    Why don’t you have a contact page? If you have I can’t find it – Sue Gresham

  3. Sue Gresham says:

    All sorted – problem could have been our server here! thanks – and I have downloaded some of the food photography books. They are great. Also looked at a lot of your posts/blogs – going to be a ‘regular’ checking out your site.

    Thanks again, Sue

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