A stock photographer’s year

For some reason, I was dreaming last night about December sales (sad, I know…) and I thought to those posts on Microstock group that we have all seen. Someone says – my sales are poor this month – any reason? Most often they really mean that they normally sell 8 images a month and this month it is only 6! Then someone else always says – my sales are up this month – BME with 20% more than last month. They have sold 12! Finally, you get the experienced member who says, yes, January is always bad because the first week is dead and then it takes people time to get up to speed after the long holidays. I’m sure I’ve seen a reason why every month in the year is not a good month for stock photography sales and so I created my own little table so that you don’t need to ask the question – just check the table to see why your sales are down this month!

The Stock Photographer's Calendar

The Stock Photographer’s Calendar

I have uploaded it to my Backyard Stock Photos site – perhaps it will turn into an Internet Meme and make my fortune. I’m sure sales people in all sorts of industries must be looking for an excuse as to why they missed their targets this past month!

You will notice that October is a “good month” – I’m sure that can’t be true, so if you can think of why October has its problems, please let me know in the comments!

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6 Responses

  1. Steve Boyko says:

    October is Canadian Thanksgiving, so that kills that month too!

    Great list 🙂

  2. admin says:

    You are right – missed that one!

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